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May 2020 | Style | Turkey

A Dream Which Goes Through Aman Style In It

Words | Onur Baştürk 

Year 1988. An Endonasian hotel owner Adrian Zecha wants to do something different from now on. And after the trip he made to Phuket he founds what he was looking for in a Villa concealed behind the palm trees: Aman.

Aman philosophy, which will later become a huge, iconic and stylish hotel brand, came out back then: Big and broad areas, a sense of luxury which does not try to be flashy. A place where any visitor feels special and peaceful, an experience they can never forget.

When Zecha opens the first Aman in Phuket no one believes that this would be good idea for long term and nobody invests in Zecha's Aman concept. Eventhough Aman starts to get bigger day by day. The word Aman means ‘”peace and quiet’” in Sanskrit and now it has 31 hotel over 20 country.

Even so the people who love the Aman concept and spend their holiday only in Amans has a community called “AmanJunkies”. 


Some time ago Zecha sold his Aman business to Vlasdislav Doronin, a Russian businessman. That brought a new business plan with it and so Amans are started to open up in big cities.

First in Tokyo and later on the Crown Building in the center of the New York Manhattan converted into a quite expensive residential/hotel. It was meant to be opened within this year althought exact dates are unknown for now.

So what is Zecha doing? He has created a new brand called: Azeria. The first Azeria have been opened it Vietnam and it has inspired from “caravanserais”. Zecha, quite like in the caravansarais, created a big courtyard with the Azeria brand. Although its philosophy close to the Aman's.


The only branch of Aman brand in Turkey is Amanruya/Bodrum. It was opened in 2012 at Mandalya Bay in the north of Bodrum city. In year 2017 Amanruya did not opened for one season and people thought it has been closed for good. 

With the 2018 Amanruya opened up again and even it has been spoken a lot that Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy spend their holiday in there. And now Amanruya is preparing to be open on first of June in this summer.


Emine and Mehmet Öğün are the architects of  Amanruya which consist of 36 villas, and they are created such a nature friendly place (not one tree have been moved or teared down), you would never want to get out from Amanruya's peacuful enviroment to chaos of Bodrum. 


On the other hand it is an elegant mixture of Aegean local architecture and ottoman architecture.That is why the design is unique and pure.

Also everything have been made considering land's natural, geological and topographic datas. Every stone that has been used is belongs to that area, and each has its own story.

I can sort the beauties of Amanruya which seperates it from the other hotels with the same concept:

- None of the villas are seeing each other, therefore you feel free to the end.
- Vine and cigar lounge.
- Three storey, with the view of exquisite library.
- Art gallery.
- And the 50 meters of pool created with the green and turquoise marbles. 

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