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February 2024 | Design & Interiors

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A WELLNESS HOME based on feng shui principles 

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Yin&Yang ve Feng Shui felsefesine göre tasarlanan Vancouver’ın Kitsilano tarafında yer alan bu ev projesinin iç dizaynı Kalu Interiors’a ait. Hem sakin hem de enerji dolu bir ambiyansa sahip evin estetiğinden odalardaki renk paletine kadar her şey Feng Shui ilkelerinden ilham alınarak yapılmış. Evin ana alanları için siyah ve beyaz tercih edilmiş. 


Kalu Interiors’dan Phyllis Lui, "Hem zarif hem abartısız, dramatik bir alan yaratmak istedik" diyor. 

Kalu Interiors designed the interior of this home in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighborhood based on the principles of Yin&Yang and Feng Shui. With an ambiance that is both serene and energetic, everything from the aesthetics to the color palette of the rooms is inspired by Feng Shui principles. Black and white were chosen for the main areas of the home. 


"We wanted to create a dramatic space that was both elegant and understated,” says Phyllis Lui of Kalu Interiors. “In each and every room, they are interesting items and objects that show the personality of the homeowners. For instance, in the powder room, the flowers are planted into a shoe. In the playroom, there is a cheeky monkey motif coming off the wallpaper on the ceiling. In the living room, the throw and pillows add an extra level of quirkiness and interest to the space”. 

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