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December 2023 | Art & Culture



Artificial intelligence-made artworks shown at the event organized by ENNE and Yuzu Magazine within the scope of Art Basel Miami week:



Altered Surfaces 

AI Generated Video 



Ahmet Rüstem and Hakan Sorar narrate a story in which patterns interweave to create a stable and unchanging surface, much like ceramics. Their project, named "Altered Surfaces," showcases a process that blends over 300 ceramic patterns, depicting a journey between memories and moments. By rendering ceramics, which are among the challenging elements of architecture, into a fluid state, they establish connections between symbols and memories.



1- The Garden of the Past 

01* 50, 2023 

This artwork presents the relationship between the individual and objects in the form of an image, as a phenomenon in the "moment." Imagine taking a stroll through the world of images. What you are imagining is essentially creating a new image on the canvas of the past. The image of the past exists to envision the image of the future and to create the image of the future, we can consider the image as a phenomenon. As I create this image, I believe that I am a part of the image existing in the "moment," represented by an image of a chair. It leaves traces behind, traces of experiences that have been lived. 

2- Metamorphosis 

3' 37'' Loop, 2023 

The Silent Symphony of Transformation Beyond the spoken words of everyday life lies a profound and intricate language, a universal form of expression that transcends the limits of sound. It is a language of signs and symbols, known as sign language, which forms the backdrop of a deep artistic narrative told not through words but through movement and symbolism. 

Like a word in sign language, the concept of metamorphosis begins with a single seed of thought, a silent gesture of possibility. It is a spark in the silent chambers of the mind, a seed promising transformation. Imagine the concept of metamorphosis in sign language, beginning with a single thought, a silent gesture of possibility. Picture the timeless symbol of transformation, the butterfly, but envision its form composed of symbols from sign language instead of vibrant colored wings. In this artwork, the butterfly soars through the air, leaving behind an elegant trail of intricate, complex signs that narrate the story of profound change. In this piece, the silent language of sign becomes a bridge between the observer and the metamorphosis unfolding before their eyes. The signs are like notes in a musical score, each contributing to the harmonious composition of change. The metamorphosis embodied in the signs of the butterfly invites us to contemplate the beauty of transformation in all its silent splendor. 

Metamorphosis, like a word in sign language, speaks to us without making a sound. It reminds us that change is not merely a verbal declaration but a visual and instinctive experience.

3- Eternal Defiance 

02'00" Loop, 2023 

"Eternal Defiance" emerges as an image from a future beyond time and space. This work, which places the audience at the center of the image, takes them on a journey as a phenomenon within the perceptual integrity of the viewer. A structure made of glass containing a burning chair, a paradox that challenges reality. The artwork captures the essence of human defiance by imagining the unquenchable spirit within the fragility of existence. It invites viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between vulnerability and unwavering determination in a context belonging to another world. 

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