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March 2023 | People | Vol 9


New Generation Manager

words Mert Çam

photos Ecem Gülaylar

Few companies can bring fresh blood to the entertainment industry. One of them is Ragıp Can Kutsal from Izmir. Ragıp, who did not join the family business, started his own entrepreneurial adventure and attracted everyone’s attention with the place called Kürkçü Dükkânı, which he opened in Izmir. Now he is preparing to open the same eatery in Miami under the name KURK.

How did the idea of the Kürkçü Dükkânı come about?


The first idea germinated in Miami! I put off this project for a bit because I was focusing on the coffee sector, but day by day, everything became clearer. When I first saw the shop in Izmir, I said, ‘Yes, this is my dream store’, and we started. We found the shop’s name when we had dinner with my school friends! My goal was for people to be able to find both food and music in one place and spend the night without having to rush from place to place. For this reason, we included sophisticated dishes cooked on an open fire that promise an exceptional experience.


You have a project to open a venue in Miami. Why Miami?

In Miami, I wanted to develop a new concept that would merge the two Kürkçü Dükkânı I opened in İzmir and Alaçatı. I accelerated the project when I found a place that matched my ideas regarding location and structure. My goal is to open KURK in the fall of 2023.


I have lived in several states in America. Still, when I went to Miami in 2015 to study, I felt this: everything I expected from a city was here! Miami seemed to fully live up to my expectations. With its entertainment life, its atmosphere, and its free world... Since then, I have made investments because I thought Miami was the most suitable place to live. Currently with KURK, but I plan to continue with different projects in the future.

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